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Gameloft SE is a French video game publisher based in Paris, founded in December 1999 by Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot. The company operates 19 development studios worldwide, and publishes games with a special focus on the mobile games market. Formerly a public company traded at the Paris Bourse, Gameloft was acquired by media conglomerate Vivendi in 2016.


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Don says

"Disney Magic Kingdom is buggy and resets loosing your progress. Gameloft customer service is exceptionally poor and IF you actually get some, it will take a very long time. I wouldn\'t give this company money for games with service like this."

necrotech says

"i was playing there game and it was lagging and there were too many pay to win popups"

Cristal says

"Gameloft allows players to make racist comments in chat, and allows players to promote child abuse and pedophilia. These comments are reported and nothing is done. They are essentially promoting these things by not taking care of said issues. Racism, child abuse, and pedophilia. Good job GL."

Trevor Booth says

"They make it impossible to report a fault. If you can mange to find the form where you can detail the complaint it will always find some issue to say that there was a problem with your entry. If you manage to complete the form that is acceptable it comes up with you have no internet connection try later. The same faults come up time and time again and it takes them months to repair them"

gile gilson mladji says

"They used to make good games, but now they just want cash, I used to like gameloft when i was kid, i played their games every day, but now i realized they just want cash. Their new games are just trash"

Robin Campbell says

"Shambolic at best. No customer support whatsoever. They do not even have the energy to respond to emails. Forget buying games from this shambles. Don't waste your money"

Flubber88 says

"Appalling customer service - non-existent - takes your money and runs. No reply and ignored on 5 separate Insta queries and messages, message on twitter ignored, Facebook ignored, joined their forum, then no joy - ignored, their online customer service ticket - no reply, no one replies and the phone line goes to a message saying it is out of order. DO NOT BUY GAMES FROM THIS COMPANY IT DESERVES TO GO BUST."

Sam Knoop says

"They have no respect for consumers and no customer service available whatsoever. None."

Billu Bhayankar says

"This is the worst customer service team I had ever come across. I am an Indian and haven't had such a poor experience, even with a very local and cheap customer care.I have always received a generic statement, although the entire scenario is well explained. On the second attempt, they only revert about half of your concern and ignore the remaining half. The worst part is that you will only get a response, once you send a reminder. All the above mentioned statements are not vague. I have had numerous examples still saved in my inbox as proof and a few escalated on social media as well."

Tainted Halo says

"If I could give negative stars I would! They do not make people follow their terms of use therefore you have all these players that use cheats to get ahead and then bully everyone else (March of empires) everytime someone reports some one else for cheating they blow you off as if you don't know what your talking about when in fact you are with these people every day they take your money and can't even investigate cheating to make the game playable for everyone else shame!"

Holly Blake says

"Dodgey as hell. Worst customer service ever! Absolutely no responsibility or accountability. Tried to rectify the situation but the more I look the more I see how many other people they've scammed. So I received my optus bill with an additional charge of $7.99 for a gameloft subscription which I knew was incorrect as I never download games or use them. so I called the help line 1800 443 881 and spoke to a woman who said sorry "I'll black list your number and cancel the subscription" and then I asked to be reimbursed for the subscription fees she said "you'll have to get a refund through your phone company" so I called optus then they said "no that's through game loft" I went back and forth between the two. The gameloft help line was useless I figured at least I won't be charged again that's fine. Then my next phone bills comes... I'm charged $7.99 again! So I call the help line listed on the website.. It's disconnected then find the helpline listed on my phone bill first time I call unavailble Second time the woman said the same "i can black list your number and cancel the subscription and I said well that's great but I've been told that last Time I rang a month ago and still got charged this month. I'd also like to be refunded for the past 3 times you've charged me she said no you need to do that through optus I said we'll no optud has told me you need to that on your end. (I gave up the staff are incompetent and just say the same thing but don't resolve any issuues) I ask what's your name so I know who to speak to if I need to call again? She says I'm really sorry mam I'll black list your number have a good day' so again more persistently I ask what's your name so I can speak with you next time? She says bye have a nice day and hangs up clearly not wanting any responsibility. I call back and it's unavailbe. Dodgey company issue not resolved. Pretty damn annoyed."

Daniel Gorodowienko says

"They blocked a possibility to install their old games from Google Play on all phones! Payed games, as well."

Christoffer Roed says

"Hello gameloft, My grandmom has by mistanke had an mothly sms suscription on games by sms, which cost her 50 kr. Around 7 euro each month. She hasn't been able to cancel that suscription the way you have described it should be canceled and I haven't been able to do so to. She has suscibed for that sms service for a very long time without getting anything for a long time now, i really hope you can help, cancel this suscription right away. Look forward to hear from you. /Christoffer"

Emmanuel Osei says

"I always give give stars but i gave three stars after playing my most loved game(total conquest) on mobile... and transcending to Android only to find out it's online... why?"